Angry Gran Run: A game character running through a cityscape, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins in this endless runner game.

Angry Gran Run – Need to let off some steam? In this game, you play as a curmudgeonly grandma who rampages through the city streets. Armed with her trusty walking stick, there’s no obstacle she can’t smash through in this frantic and humorous endless runner.

The goal in Angry Gran Run is simple – run as far as you can through neighborhoods, construction sites, farms, and more while causing as much destruction as possible. Swipe to change lanes and tap to wallop inconvenient objects with your stick. The longer you run, the higher your score. But keep an eye out for vehicles, animals, and other hazards that can cut your rampage short.

As you play, you’ll unlock new grannies with unique skills. There’s Granny Ruth who is great at long jumps or Barrett who knocks down obstructions with ease. Upgrade them to increase their speed, jumping power, and more. Dress them up in crazy outfits too. Before you know it, you’ll have an unstoppable gang of grannies!

With its cartoony 3D visuals and exaggerated physics, this game is guaranteed to make you giggle. Adding to the humor is the absurd amount of destruction you can cause. Mailboxes, hot dog stands, animals – nothing is safe from your granny’s wrath!

If you need a gleefully anarchic experience you can play in short bursts, this game is just the ticket. Tap and swipe your stress away as these hilarious grannies trash everything in sight!

How to play Angry Gran Run:

  • Tap the screen to make Granny jump over obstacles, smash objects, and attack enemies. Time your taps well!
  • Swipe left or right to change lanes and avoid vehicles or other hazards.
  • Collect coins along the way to unlock new grannies, outfits, and upgrades.
  • Tap furiously during Fury mode once the Fury meter fills up, for a few seconds of gratuitous destruction!
  • Complete missions like causing a certain amount of damage or running a certain distance.
  • Upgrade grannies to increase their speed, coin magnet radius, and other stats.
  • Equip fun outfits like pirate, ballerina or cowboy on your grannies.
  • Try to run as far as you can before crashing into an obstacle or enemy attack.
  • Hop on buses, tractors and other vehicles to hitch a ride. Jump off to continue smashing stuff.

With simple, intuitive controls, anyone can enjoy the hilarious chaos of Angry Gran Run. Just tap away to unleash one granny’s fury against the unlucky city!