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Slope 3 Unblocked


Slope 3 Unblocked: Navigate the treacherous slopes, dodge obstacles, and defy gravity in this fast-paced skill game!

Slope 3 Unblocked is the latest addicting installment in the popular Slope falling ball series. As an unblocked game that can be played for free right in your browser, this game offers fun, challenging gameplay for anyone looking to pass the time.

In Slope 3, the objective remains simply to guide your ball from the top of a colorful slope down to the finish line at the bottom. But with each new Slope game, new twists, obstacles, and customization options are introduced to make the experience more difficult, dynamic, and unpredictable.

The slopes in this game are more complex and interactive than ever. Guide your ball over bumps, loops, and warp portals. Choose alternate routes by aiming the ball left or right at key moments. Some slopes even feature branching paths, gaps to jump, and see-saws or platforms that tilt based on your ball’s position!

With each run down the slope, you’ll need to collect coins to unlock awesome new balls. Choose from balls with unique physics, tread types, and even special abilities like magnets to open up new types of runs. Equipping speed boost and flight power-up abilities adds another layer of strategy.

And as an unblocked game, Slope 3 means no downloads, sign-ups, or installation requirements. Just visit from a web browser at school, work, or your favorite mobile device and enjoy quick 2-3 minute runs testing your reflexes and timing on dozens of colorful, winding slopes.

Leaderboards, achievements goals, daily challenges and a customizable level editor with community slopes give Slope 3 essentially unlimited replay potential. If previous Slope games gripped you, the new obstacles, power-ups, visuals and physics of this game will have you happily losing track of time once again!

How to Play Slope 3 Unblocked

  • Hold Left Mouse – Accelerate skier
  • Release Mouse – Decelerate/stop
  • A/D Keys – Tilt skier’s position
  • Spacebar – Jump off ramps

Game Controls of Slope 3 Unblocked

  • Left Mouse – Accelerate
  • Release Mouse – Decelerate/Stop
  • A/D Keys – Tilt/Steer
  • Spacebar – Jump


  • Coins – Collect these to get points and high scores
  • Jumps & Stunts – Gain speed and multiplier through big air
  • Powerups – Shield protects from crashes, Wings give midair boost


  • Rocks – Small and large hazards
  • Trees – Thick trunks to steer around
  • Cliffs – Launch off jumps and ridges
  • Gaps – Risk huge air and distance

Tips & Tricks

  • Initiate jumps early to clear wide hazards
  • Stick landings to prevent devastating crashes
  • Brake before hitting narrow turns at high speed
  • Memorize course patterns
  • Perfect runs increase your scoring multiplier